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Frequently Asked Questions

How does WePlate calculate what I should eat?

Our algorithm is developed by math majors from MIT and UChicago in consultation with nutritionists, combines your biological characteristics and dietary preferences to calculate your dietary needs. We then map your needs to the food available in your school cafeteria to provide specific recommendations, down to the last nutrient.

How strict are WePlate’s food recommendations?

Although you should follow WePlate’s recommendations as close as possible to the diagram, you do not have to use WePlate for every meal. Healthy eating is most sustainable when you can eat all the foods you want within moderation. Therefore, every meal you will be recommended multiple food options (with 3 being selected). Several times a week, you can “eat freestyle” without WePlate recommendations.

How long will it take me to see results?

When eating healthier, you will notice an increase in energy levels throughout the day and feel full for longer. When trying to gain or lose weight, visible changes can take several weeks to see, as it takes the body a while to adjust to a different caloric intake. We recommend gaining or losing 0.5-1 pounds per week while using WePlate. In order to achieve your goals more efficiently, the exercise guidelines in the app should be followed.

What makes WePlate different from other apps like MyFitnessPal?

Apps like MyFitnessPal calculate your caloric needs using similar algorithms to WePlate, but their recommendations can be vague and difficult to follow. WePlate, however, provides specific menu item recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

WePlate is also geared towards nutritional education, while MyFitnessPal is not. Our goal is for all of its users to learn to make better dietary choices and live a healthy lifestyle.

How does WePlate work in conjunction with exercise?

While it is not required, WePlate recommends to every user as it is necessary to live healthy. However, different goals will require varying amounts of exercise, which are accessible in the app. We also educate our users on the different types and functions of exercise, such as aerobic vs strength training. WePlate is not just a dietary app, it is a lifestyle app.

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