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Better food for a better you.
WePlate creates smart menu plans customized to your lifestyle.
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Eat what you need to feel 11/10!

Match your dietary needs to meals in your college dining hall. With nutrition facts about every food item, analyze your eating habits and achieve your dietary goals!

Curated to your school.

Keep up to date with your college dining hall's menu. Provide feedback on food items & dining hall management.

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Eat sustainably.

Pair your meals with our biodegradable, reusable, portion-sized containers.

Student challenges with college dining.
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Nutritional deficiency
95% of college students lack vital nutrients, without understanding their dietary needs.
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Uninformed decisions
Students who eat in cafeterias select wrong portion sizes, often wasting leftovers and consuming unbalanced diets.
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Few healthy alternatives
Ordering delivery and making instant ramen is unhealthy and unsustainable.
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Nutritional understanding
With little understanding about nutrition, students often view cafeteria food as foreign and unhealthy.

We make healthy cafeteria eating convenient for busy college students.

As college students, we all want to eat healthy. Some of us are athletes, some are working on building their bodies; others simply need energy to get through school.

Most college students are choosing the food we eat for the first time in our lives.

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After working with Babson’s dining hall, we realized that although millions of dollars are invested into providing healthy food for students, a myriad of challenges plague college cafeterias and perpetuate negative connotations about student dining.

We aim to solve those challenges.

Through WePlate, we hope that students will start paying more attention to what they eat despite their busy schedules. As college students, we rarely have the time to research nutritional science. Therefore, WePlate was made to be the most convenient way for students to eat healthy.

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